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Cristina Riera This article has been written and published regarding the easy-to-read standards. The last year and a half has been very a very difficult time; many people have died and many companies and businesses have closed down. Solidarity campaigns have been no exception in this worldwide crisis and have also been seriously affected. WHAT…

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Author: Cristina Riera

Picasso’s “poster”: festivities of La Mercè, Barcelona 1902

Eduard Vallès It is by now wholly unnecessary to insist on Picasso’s very close ties with Barcelona, but there are a few episodes unknown to the majority, or which at the very least have hardly ever been mentioned. This is the case with the “poster” that Picasso made for the festivities of La Mercè in…

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Author: Eduard Vallès

Isidre Nonell & Josep Pla: the luminous herrings

Eduard Vallès This article has been published in Catalan and Spanish, with some variations, in the magazine Mirador de las Arts, 3 August 2020. This is not an article about Josep Pla, nor perhaps about Nonell, it is rather about the Nonell of Pla that, for different reasons, ends up being something else. It deals,…

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Author: Eduard Vallès

The Collection of works of the Civil War of the Museu Nacional: history and memory

Elena Llorens and Eduard Vallès Following last week’s post, in which we reported on the main new items that visitors will find in the refurbished space “Art and the Spanish Civil War” of the collection of Modern Art, today we will focus on the important collection of works from this period preserved by the Museu…

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Author: Elena Llorens

The “Hotel Colón”. The story behind a snapshot by Antoni Campañà

Yolanda Ruiz and Sandra Herrera Until 18th July 2021, you can visit the exhibition The endless war by Antoni Campañà in the museum. The exhibition gathers together some of the images that the photographer took during The Spanish Civil War and which the family found fortuitously in 2018 inside a “red box”, where they had…

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Author: Yolanda Ruiz

The collection of drawings by Apel·les Mestres: a collection to discover

Mercè Saura and Francesc Quílez The Cabinet of Drawings and Engravings of the Museu Nacional conserves in its collection more than four thousand drawings by the artist Apel·les Mestres Oñós (Barcelona, 1854-1936), of the forty thousand that the artist himself said that he did throughout his life. For a couple of years now, the Cabinet…

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Author: Mercè Saura

The Security in the Museum

Joan Josep Pintado Different and varied professions coexist in the museum. The trades that first come to mind are those that come in contact with the works of art and exhibitions: restorers, curators, conservators, registrars, educators, etc.  But there are a whole other series of trades without which the museum would not work: admin staff,…

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Author: Joan Josep Pintado

The 2021 programme of the Museu Nacional

The programme of the museum for 2021 is necessarily marked by the pandemic, which continues to affect all the fields of society one way or another, and also the way in which we relate with the people and carry out our activity. As follows, we present the exhibitions programme of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya…

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Author: Redacció museu

Barcelona, a manufacturing centre of weighing scales / 1

Albert Estrada-Rius From a family memory to the public heritage, the example of the Tarradell weighing scale manufacturing company Part of the historical material from the old Tarradell weighing scale workshop has recently entered the museum. It is a donation offered by sisters Núria and Eulàlia Tarradell i Font in memory of their father, the…

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Author: Albert Estrada-Rius

The shooting of “The Great White Hope”: A boxing match in the large Sala Oval of the building of the Museu Nacional

Manuel Vallejo Manuel Vallejo, a Friend of the Museu Nacional, explains some of his memories from youth related to the spaces of the museum that he has uncovered during lockdown. Already fifteen years before the initiative “Barcelona posa’t guapa” (Barcelona, make yourself beautiful) our building and sites attracted the attention of the international cinema industry.  The film…

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Author: Manuel Vallejo