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The shooting of “The Great White Hope”: A boxing match in the large Sala Oval of the building of the Museu Nacional

Manuel Vallejo Manuel Vallejo, a Friend of the Museu Nacional, explains some of his memories from youth related to the spaces of the museum that he has uncovered during lockdown. Already fifteen years before the initiative “Barcelona posa’t guapa” (Barcelona, make yourself beautiful) our building and sites attracted the attention of the international cinema industry.  The film…

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Author: Manuel Vallejo

Restoring the colour of the light: stained glass windows in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya /2

Valeria Mamczynski In recent years several projects have been carried out to conserve and restore the stained glass windows in the Museu Nacional’s collection, which I began to discuss in a previous article. In this second article I shall continue to look at the restoration of these stained glass widows: Treatment for joining broken pieces…

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Author: Valeria Mamczynski

#GivingTuesday: The Friends of the Museu Nacional join the global movement

Balma Badal Next Tuesday, 1st December, 2020, will be #GivingTuesday, a global movement that aims to encourage and multiply the good actions of people. The goal of this initiative is to dedicate a world day to celebrating the action of giving and participating in the causes of different organisations with the final horizon of expanding…

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Author: Balma Badal

From the storeroom to the display cabinet: the recovery of the Altarpiece-tabernacle of Saint Nicholas /1

Núria Prat and Pere de Llobet The Altarpiece-tabernacle of Saint Nicholas is a work that was kept in the Museu Nacional’s storeroom for years. It entered the Museu d’Art de Catalunya (now the Museu Nacional) in 1934, as a donation by the collector Damià Mateu i Bisa. We know that the work was on display…

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Author: Núria Prat

Scenes of creation: artists’ workshops /2

Francesc Quílez The artist’s workshop: a multi-faceted space Ending this digression and getting back to the connecting thread of my discourse, I wish to demonstrate how this phenomenon of versatility allows me to make different approaches, and to take a very detailed look at the various facets presented by the motif to which I am…

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Author: Francesc Quílez

Scenes of creation: artists’ workshops / 1

Francesc Quílez In the course of the nineteenth century, the traditional artist’s workplace was transformed into an interesting motif for the artistic practice of the period, acquiring a scenographic dimension that had hitherto been unexplored. The depiction of the workshop had in fact already been featured in some of the most outstanding creative episodes in…

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Author: Francesc Quílez

The Process of Conservation-Restoration of Saint Lliberada (Wilgefortis) by Andreu Sala

Àngels Comella Joan Yeguas, curator of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya’s Renaissance and Baroque Art collection, mentioned the historical and artistic interest of this magnificent polychrome woodcarving, dated to about 1689, in a previous post. I shall now refer to the restoration and conservation process to which it has been subjected, and which has…

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Author: Àngels Comella

Adapting ourselves to the new reality: remote work

teletreball avantatges i inconvenients

Cristina Riera Four months ago, no one imagined that our lives would change as much as they have because of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. There has been a lot of talk about teleworking for a long time, and while it is true that private companies have made great strides in this area, the…

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Author: Cristina Riera

Unidentifiable Sketch. A contemporary drawing project in the Espai educArt with the excuse of Fortuny

Croquis inconcret Èlia Llach

Èlia Llach To prepare this project, the artist Èlia Llach (Barcelona, 1976) consulted the collection of the museum’s Cabinet of Drawings and Prints several times. There, what most caught her eye were some drawings by the painter Marià Fortuny (Reus, 1838 –Rome, 1874) classified as ‘Vague Sketches’, an apparently contradictory title referring to sketches that…

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Author: Èlia Llach

Gaspar Homar, amateur photographer

Gaspar Homar fotografia

Mariàngels Fondevila As a good Modernista, following in the footsteps of William Morris, Gaspar Homar was a many-faceted artist; he made furniture, metal objects, mosaics, textiles, marquetry, drawings, he was an antiques dealer and also an amateur photographer. This is confirmed by the recent admission to the Museu Nacional of a collection comprising nearly 68…

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Author: Mariàngels Fondevila