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Winter postcards in the collections of the Museu Nacional


Seasonal changes have always been a source of inspiration for artists. The landscape and the climate have a decisive influence on our mood and our perception of the reality around us. With the onset of winter, our environment is changing, giving way to postcards of snow and icy squares and streets. Fog, bare trees, and…

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Author: Redacció museu

1001 postcards from nowhere. Intervention in the exhibition “The endless war. Antoni Campañà”

Jesús Galdón 1001 postcards from nowhere. Artistic installation by Jesús Galdón, 2021. Postcards of A. Campañà and J. A. Puig Farran (CYP) from the years 1960-1970 intervened with images of militiamen by A. Campañà from 1936-1938 Campañà is always a gaze in action. In this way, as in this quote, he mentions the responsibility of…

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Author: Jesús Galdón

The “Hotel Colón”. The story behind a snapshot by Antoni Campañà

Yolanda Ruiz and Sandra Herrera Until 18th July 2021, you can visit the exhibition The endless war by Antoni Campañà in the museum. The exhibition gathers together some of the images that the photographer took during The Spanish Civil War and which the family found fortuitously in 2018 inside a “red box”, where they had…

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Author: Yolanda Ruiz

The photography collection is growing: the new photo repository of Antoni Campañà i Bandranas

Roser Cambray Sometimes the reverse side of a photograph, that is to say, the back of the work, can give us a lot of information about where it came from and where it has been. This entry on the museum blog is based on an enigmatic image, taken in the small town of Kalispell (Montana,…

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Author: Roser Cambray

Welcome, modern times!

Mariàngels Fondevila One of the essential tasks of conservators is restructuring the collection, as well as stimulating its growth, so that it does not stagnate like a Pontine marsh. The museum has reopened the room Modern Life: Photography, Advertising, Film and Design, adding previously unexhibited works, and some newly admitted ones, to those already in…

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Author: Mariàngels Fondevila

Photography was no exception. Photographers in the collection of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

Magda Juandó As is well known, the famous question of the north American historian Linda Nochlin “Why have there been no great women artists?“(1971) and her questioning of preconceived concepts by traditional historiography, paved the way for a slow recognition of women artists in general and women photographers in particular. If we focus on the…

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Author: Magda Juandó

Neighbourhood diary. Photography in the secondary schools

adolescents i fotografia

Eugenia Ortiz and Món Casas Based on the exhibition in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya “Oriol Maspons: The useful photography 1949/1945“, from CliCme we have designed a photographic educational project with the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, in collaboration with The Consortium of Education of Barcelona. This is a cross-cutting project of photography with…

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Author: Eugenia Ortiz

Gaspar Homar, amateur photographer

Gaspar Homar fotografia

Mariàngels Fondevila As a good Modernista, following in the footsteps of William Morris, Gaspar Homar was a many-faceted artist; he made furniture, metal objects, mosaics, textiles, marquetry, drawings, he was an antiques dealer and also an amateur photographer. This is confirmed by the recent admission to the Museu Nacional of a collection comprising nearly 68…

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Author: Mariàngels Fondevila

An Useful Photograph by Oriol Maspons. The School of Barcelona

Raúl Gimeno and Yolanda Ruiz Until 12 January 2020, will be able the exhibition Oriol Maspons: Useful Photography / 1949-1995, which takes an extensive look at the photographer’s work. In the exhibition there is a photograph of the poets Jaime Gil de Biedma, José Agustín Goytisolo and Carlos Barral posing with the literary critic Josep…

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Author: Raúl Gimeno

Making of: Oriol Maspons. The useful photography

Cristina Zelich After accepting the commission to curate a major retrospective exhibition about Oriol Maspons based on the collection deposited in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya by the author himself, a collection made up of around 7,000 photographs on paper, I decided to structure the exhibition so that it would reflect as faithfully as…

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Author: Z_ Guest blogger