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1001 postcards from nowhere. Intervention in the exhibition “The endless war. Antoni Campañà”

Jesús Galdón 1001 postcards from nowhere. Artistic installation by Jesús Galdón, 2021. Postcards of A. Campañà and J. A. Puig Farran (CYP) from the years 1960-1970 intervened with images of militiamen by A. Campañà from 1936-1938 Campañà is always a gaze in action. In this way, as in this quote, he mentions the responsibility of…

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Author: Jesús Galdón

The “Hotel Colón”. The story behind a snapshot by Antoni Campañà

Yolanda Ruiz and Sandra Herrera Until 18th July 2021, you can visit the exhibition The endless war by Antoni Campañà in the museum. The exhibition gathers together some of the images that the photographer took during The Spanish Civil War and which the family found fortuitously in 2018 inside a “red box”, where they had…

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Author: Yolanda Ruiz

The photography collection is growing: the new photo repository of Antoni Campañà i Bandranas

Roser Cambray Sometimes the reverse side of a photograph, that is to say, the back of the work, can give us a lot of information about where it came from and where it has been. This entry on the museum blog is based on an enigmatic image, taken in the small town of Kalispell (Montana,…

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Author: Roser Cambray