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Anything is a lightning conductor but lightning

Antonio Ortega The instructions given to a novice draftsman to transfer notions of perspective to the composition of the drawing are very simple and intuitive: close to the horizon is far away, far from the horizon is near; large is near, small is far away, and we could continue with a list of other similar…

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Author: Antonio Ortega

Breathing paintings with Gemma Reguant Fosas

Gemma Reguant and Teresa González The museum has long used art as a resource that highlights the value of the cultural institutions as agents with the potential to be beneficial to the well-being of people. Among the projects that have been developed in the Museu Nacional we want to highlight a methodological practice that was…

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Author: Gemma Reguant and Teresa González

Preparation of the Tactile Model of the building of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

ANDARTE, Ana María Marín Gálvez and Teresa González Teresa González Before giving voice to Ana Maria Marín and ANDARTE, I would like to put this action in context by making a statement of intent, defining what an inclusive society is for me. For me, an inclusive society is one that understands that culture is a…

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Author: ANDARTE and Ana Ma. Marin Galvez

The Art of Speaking: a new approach to language learning through art

Josep Maria Planas A group of students stand in front of a painting in the museum, and after observing it for a while they begin talking about what they see, directed by their teacher, who this time changes his or her role for that of a facilitator.  The participants are making up stories, discovering enigmas,…

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Author: Josep Maria Planas

2021 at the Museu Nacional

2021 has been a year that has still been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, we have worked with the conviction that the museum is a meeting place with art and with others, a collective experience that offers enjoyment, safety, reflection, debate and dialogue in difficult times. For this reason, we wanted to make a…

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Author: Redacció museu

Back to school: conflict, structures and stars. The experience of the creator “In Residence” Svantje Busshoff

The new academic year is just beginning and we are going back into the classrooms, with new creators in the museum’s eighth collaboration with the programme Creadors EN RESIDÈNCIA als instituts de Barcelona. Now it is time to look back at last year and the experience of Svantje Busshoff. This artist, who was present in…

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Author: Z_ Guest blogger

Pandemic, museums and the elderly

Teresa González After a year and a half since the beginning of the Pandemic (March 2020), we can tell you what we have done from the museum for the most vulnerable people and the ones who have experienced situations of isolation and disconnection from their surroundings and life. A pending project due to the pandemic…

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Author: Teresa González

Let’s explore the past, talking about the present: Educational programme 2021-2022

Esther Fuertes and Sandra Figueras We are launching an educational programme! The slogan and image that form the heading of this text define very well the spirit at the heart of the new educational programme for schools. On the one hand, an identifying feature of our collection, the possibility of immersing ourselves in the past…

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Author: Esther Fuertes

Neighbourhood diary. Photography in the secondary schools

adolescents i fotografia

Eugenia Ortiz and Món Casas Based on the exhibition in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya “Oriol Maspons: The useful photography 1949/1945“, from CliCme we have designed a photographic educational project with the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, in collaboration with The Consortium of Education of Barcelona. This is a cross-cutting project of photography with…

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Author: Eugenia Ortiz

Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) a necessary educational methodology

la metodologia VTS

Esther Fuertes In times of confinement and social distancing we give even more value to methodologies such as Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) that have helped make museums a place to dialogue, to share emotions, and to be with others. The VTS are part of the mediation actions with our visitors carried out by the museum’s…

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Author: Esther Fuertes