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Mindfulness in the Museu Nacional

Sandra Esteban A new training in the museum If, as workers of the museum, someone had said to us a few years ago that we would do a course on mindfulness, we wouldn’t have believed it.  Languages, computer skills, management techniques and systems, methodologies….they are the most common training courses that the companies have offered…

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Author: Sandra Esteban

Improving the use and the management of the collections in storage

Benoit de Tapol Canada, Belgium, India, Nigeria, Chile … these countries already have a national strategy for implementing the Re-Org programme in museums, a method for reorganizing storage spaces, improving storage and the system of documenting collections, created by ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property) – UNESCO….

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Author: Benoit de Tapol

HABEMUS, let’s hack the museums

Christian Díaz. From Bahía Blanca, Argentina A radio programme about museums done by university volunteers. We find the project very inspiring and we have invited them to share the story and the behind-the-scenes. Internet has radically changed the way in which people search and find cultural and leisure content, and the museums, cultural centres, and…

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Author: Z_ Guest blogger

5 years of the Postgraduate Course in Museum Management

Conxa Rodà When in 2009, at that time in the Museu Picasso, I received a proposal to think about the academic programme for a new  Postgraduate course in Museum Management, the first thing I did, as when beginning any project, was to carry out a prospective analysis of the existing offer. Searching for singularity There…

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Author: Conxa Rodà