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A special visit: taking the classroom into the home and into the museum

Julián Artacho and Dídac Bautista In January, 11 year-old Dídac visited the museum with his in-home care teacher and his mother. We were particularly delighted to welcome them.   Dídac doesn’t go to school because of a medical condition which is why the Ministry of Education provides him with this service. The visit went further…

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Author: Z_ Guest blogger

The Social Responsibility project of the Museum

Josep Miquel Faura Over the past five years we have become familiarised with the initial CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).  After this five-year journey, finding these initials in all types of texts and published materials has become something normal. It is inevitable that companies, and especially the public institutions, adapt to the requirements of mature societies…

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Author: Josep-Miquel Faura

A history of accessibility: out of sight, out of mind:

Noemí Huete We often talk about putting ourselves in the shoes of the visitors so as to better adapt the offer and services of the museum.  For sure, not enough is done, and even less in the case of visitors with special needs.  Noemí explains the experience in two centres, one of them our museum,…

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Author: Z_Estudiants en pràctiques de Postgraus i Màsters

Museums and accessibility: a community of practice

Teresa González Accessibility in museums is a long journey and a milestone which we are still a long way from achieving.  Since 1999, the year in which the Education Department of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya started its programme Museum space in common –which carries out specific projects for groups suffering from mental disorders…

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Author: Teresa González

Apropa Cultura (Getting Closer to Culture): inclusive museum, united museum

Elisabet Pueyo I think that the most interesting thing to share with you in these lines is not only explaining what the programme Apropa Cultura (Getting Closer to Culture) is, but also passing on to you what it has meant to be a part of this initiative that joins together and creates synergies between cultural…

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Author: Elisabet Pueyo