Paper patients: thirteen modernist posters and a drawing

Berta Blasi We have on the operating table before us 14 large-format patients. They are 13 posters by makers who have left their mark on Modernisme: Adolf Hohenstein, Jean Ubaghs, Théopile Alexandre Steinlen, Jules Chéret, Ethel Reed, Henri Privat-Livemont, Leonetto Cappiello, Henri-Gustave Jossot and Leonardo Bistolfi, and an original drawing by Apel·les Mestres, recently identified…

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Author: Berta Blasi

“Three Beggars” by Giacomo Ceruti under the scrutiny of a dermatologist

Dr. Xavier Sierra i Valentí Three Beggars, Giacomo Ceruti, known as Il Pittocchetto, 1736. Thyssen-Bornesmiza Collection, (on long-term loan to the Museu Nacional). In this painting by Giacomo Ceruti we can see three old beggars dressed in rags. Ceruti, who was also known as “Il pittochetto” was a painter of the late Italian Baroque, active…

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Author: Z_ Guest blogger

Back to school: conflict, structures and stars. The experience of the creator “In Residence” Svantje Busshoff

The new academic year is just beginning and we are going back into the classrooms, with new creators in the museum’s eighth collaboration with the programme Creadors EN RESIDÈNCIA als instituts de Barcelona. Now it is time to look back at last year and the experience of Svantje Busshoff. This artist, who was present in…

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Author: Z_ Guest blogger

The tombstone of the tertiaries Geralda and Maria

Alícia Cornet The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya preserves among its tombstone collections a slab dedicated to Geralda and Maria, from the old convent of Sant Francesc in Barcelona. These two women were tertiaries, that is, lay people who followed the Third Rule of the Order of St. Francis. There is no documentation on them,…

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Author: Alícia Cornet

Pandemic, museums and the elderly

Teresa González After a year and a half since the beginning of the Pandemic (March 2020), we can tell you what we have done from the museum for the most vulnerable people and the ones who have experienced situations of isolation and disconnection from their surroundings and life. A pending project due to the pandemic…

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Author: Teresa González

Public Exhibition of a Picture by Ferrer Miró: Overcoming Elitist Prejudices

Francesc Quílez It goes without saying that due to its characteristic subjective nature aesthetic appreciation generally gives rise to unexpected responses that often alter our established perceptions and prejudices. In the case of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya’s collection there is a painting, Public Exhibition of a Picture, by the painter Joan Ferrer Miró…

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Author: Francesc Quílez

Calendars of the Nippon Exlibris Association

Calendaris de la Nippon Exlibris Association

Sandra Herrera and Yolanda Ruiz The exhibition The Colours of Fire. Hamada – Artigas, which can be visited at the museum until 9 January 2022, shows the connection between Catalonia and Japan through the story of friendship and mutual admiration between the artists Josep Llorens Artigas (1892-1980) and Hamada Shōji (1894-1978). Cultural exchange between Europe…

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Author: Sandra Herrera


Cristina Riera This article has been written and published regarding the easy-to-read standards. The last year and a half has been very a very difficult time; many people have died and many companies and businesses have closed down. Solidarity campaigns have been no exception in this worldwide crisis and have also been seriously affected. WHAT…

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Author: Cristina Riera

An important episode in the history of graphic humour in Catalonia: the Agell Collection in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya / 2

Adela Laborda and Francesc Quílez With regard to the thematic content, the majority of the works in the Agell Collection reflect the main historical events of the period stretching from the 1880s to the proclamation of the Second Republic (1931). In so turbulent a political context, it is natural that draughtsmen should have acted as…

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Author: Adela Laborda

Picasso’s “poster”: festivities of La Mercè, Barcelona 1902

Eduard Vallès It is by now wholly unnecessary to insist on Picasso’s very close ties with Barcelona, but there are a few episodes unknown to the majority, or which at the very least have hardly ever been mentioned. This is the case with the “poster” that Picasso made for the festivities of La Mercè in…

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Author: Eduard Vallès