An important episode in the history of graphic humour in Catalonia: the Agell Collection in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya / 1

Cara i creu

Adela Laborda and Francesc Quílez The journalist, businessman and collector Miquel Agell Nadal (Granollers, 1892-Barcelona, 1949) purchased over 16,000 works by leading names in the history of Catalan drawing, which enrich the material from the last third of the nineteenth and the first third of the twentieth century conserved by the Museu Nacional d’Art de…

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Author: Adela Laborda

Isidre Nonell & Josep Pla: the luminous herrings

Eduard Vallès This article has been published in Catalan and Spanish, with some variations, in the magazine Mirador de las Arts, 3 August 2020. This is not an article about Josep Pla, nor perhaps about Nonell, it is rather about the Nonell of Pla that, for different reasons, ends up being something else. It deals,…

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Author: Eduard Vallès

Let’s explore the past, talking about the present: Educational programme 2021-2022

Esther Fuertes and Sandra Figueras We are launching an educational programme! The slogan and image that form the heading of this text define very well the spirit at the heart of the new educational programme for schools. On the one hand, an identifying feature of our collection, the possibility of immersing ourselves in the past…

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Author: Esther Fuertes

The Collection of works of the Civil War of the Museu Nacional: history and memory

Elena Llorens and Eduard Vallès Following last week’s post, in which we reported on the main new items that visitors will find in the refurbished space “Art and the Spanish Civil War” of the collection of Modern Art, today we will focus on the important collection of works from this period preserved by the Museu…

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Author: Elena Llorens

The Spanish Civil War at the Museu Nacional: New works, new artists

Eduard Vallès and Elena Llorens The Spanish Civil War was, without doubt, one of the bloodiest wars in the European history of the twentieth century and as such not only opened a deep wound in Spanish society but also left an indelible mark on the artistic production of the time, formally and thematically determining it….

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Author: Eduard Vallès

Transforming the gaze: the visibility of women artists

Sílvia Redondo, Mireia Rosich and Íngrid Vidal On 10 March 2021, to mark International Women’s Day, the activity “Transforming the gaze: the visibility of women artists” was held virtually. The main objective of this event, organized by the museum’s Joaquim Folch i Torres Library and the Art Museums Network of Catalonia, was to learn about,…

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Author: Sílvia Redondo

1001 postcards from nowhere. Intervention in the exhibition “The endless war. Antoni Campañà”

Jesús Galdón 1001 postcards from nowhere. Artistic installation by Jesús Galdón, 2021. Postcards of A. Campañà and J. A. Puig Farran (CYP) from the years 1960-1970 intervened with images of militiamen by A. Campañà from 1936-1938 Campañà is always a gaze in action. In this way, as in this quote, he mentions the responsibility of…

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Author: Jesús Galdón

Small banknotes for Greater Berlin (1921-2021)

Albert Estrada-Rius Everything that has to do with collectors and the formation of collections is generating more and more interest in our home. We have an excellent example in the project Repertoire of Collections and Collectors of Art and Archeology led by academics Bonaventura Bassegoda and Francesc Fontbona from the Institut d’Estudis Catalans. This project…

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Author: Albert Estrada-Rius

The “Hotel Colón”. The story behind a snapshot by Antoni Campañà

Yolanda Ruiz and Sandra Herrera Until 18th July 2021, you can visit the exhibition The endless war by Antoni Campañà in the museum. The exhibition gathers together some of the images that the photographer took during The Spanish Civil War and which the family found fortuitously in 2018 inside a “red box”, where they had…

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Author: Yolanda Ruiz

The collection of drawings by Apel·les Mestres: a collection to discover

Mercè Saura and Francesc Quílez The Cabinet of Drawings and Engravings of the Museu Nacional conserves in its collection more than four thousand drawings by the artist Apel·les Mestres Oñós (Barcelona, 1854-1936), of the forty thousand that the artist himself said that he did throughout his life. For a couple of years now, the Cabinet…

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Author: Mercè Saura