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The process of restoring the Christ and cross from Capdella/2

The restoration that sheds light on a work affected by the passage of time. Front and back of the Christ and the cross prior to restoration. Photograph by Jordi Calveras. In the post published on 10 June last year reference was made to the many earlier restorations prior to the admission of the Christ and…

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Author: Anna Carreras

Conservation and restoration in wartime

Mireia Campuzano i Mireia Mestre The exhibition Museum in Danger! Safeguarding and Organization of Catalan Art During the Civil War is due to end shortly, having highlighted the steps taken by the museum’s directors and technicians to save the Catalan artistic heritage after the coup d’état. It was a tumultuous period, in which ceaseless efforts…

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Author: Mireia Campuzano and Mireia Mestre

Restoring the colour of the light: stained glass windows in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya /1

Valeria Mamczynski The museum has a group of technically exquisite stained glass windows that includes some of the most characteristic examples of Catalan Modernisme, a movement in which stained glass, like all the other decorative arts, played an important part. In recent years several conservation-restoration projects have been carried out on the stained glass windows…

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Author: Valeria Mamczynski

From the storeroom to the display cabinet: the recovery of the Altarpiece-tabernacle of Saint Nicholas /2

Núria Prat i Pere de Llobet What lies beneath the visible polychromy? The carving is of Saint Nicholas of Bari, dressed in bishop’s robes, with mitre and chasuble. With his right hand he is blessing and in the other hand, now lost, he was most probably holding the crozier. The carving is Gothic, while the…

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Author: Núria Prat

Francesc Torres: the best kept secrets of the museum

Exposició Francesc Torres

The artist and curator Francesc Torres has spent the past two years delving into the stores of the museum to extract some censored, mutilated artworks, hidden for political reasons or destroyed for multiple reasons, and he has presented them in apparent disorder, in the exhibition The Entropic Box.The Museum of Lost Objects.  This article has been…

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Author: Z_ Guest blogger

The registrar in collections management: an emerging profession / 1

Sílvia Tena A little bit of history The office of registrar (an English term that derives from its American origins and influence) came into being in the late nineteenth century, although its roots are buried deep in the European royal collections and cabinets of curiosities of the eighteenth century. In 1881 the US National Museum…

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Author: Sílvia Tena