Tag: Conservation and restoration

Conservation and restoration in wartime

Mireia Campuzano i Mireia Mestre The exhibition Museum in Danger! Safeguarding and Organization of Catalan Art During the Civil War is due to end shortly, having highlighted the steps taken by the museum’s directors and technicians to save the Catalan artistic heritage after the coup d’état. It was a tumultuous period, in which ceaseless efforts…

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Author: Mireia Campuzano and Mireia Mestre

Paper patients: thirteen modernist posters and a drawing

Berta Blasi We have on the operating table before us 14 large-format patients. They are 13 posters by makers who have left their mark on Modernisme: Adolf Hohenstein, Jean Ubaghs, Théopile Alexandre Steinlen, Jules Chéret, Ethel Reed, Henri Privat-Livemont, Leonetto Cappiello, Henri-Gustave Jossot and Leonardo Bistolfi, and an original drawing by Apel·les Mestres, recently identified…

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Author: Berta Blasi