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Lluïsa Vidal, a woman artist in a world of men

 Montse Gumà In 1905 a series of 25 postcards were published of the most important artists of the time, according to its author Francesc Serra Dimas, who portrayed them in a personal and intimate environment.  Among the characters portrayed it is worth highlighting Lluïsa Vidal. In 1915, a second series of 35 new images came…

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Author: Montse Gumà

What’s an artist like you doing in a school like this?

Creators in Residence, an educational project by artists and youngsters Creators in Residence makes an unlikely encounter possible by putting an artist to work in a school classroom for a whole year. The objective? To forge links with young people in order to go through a process of creation with them, resulting in an unprecedented…

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Author: Sandra Figueras