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Transforming the gaze: the visibility of women artists

Sílvia Redondo, Mireia Rosich and Íngrid Vidal On 10 March 2021, to mark International Women’s Day, the activity “Transforming the gaze: the visibility of women artists” was held virtually. The main objective of this event, organized by the museum’s Joaquim Folch i Torres Library and the Art Museums Network of Catalonia, was to learn about,…

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Author: Sílvia Redondo

Stories in the museums for rebel children

Norma Vélez An activity for families with the aim of highlighting the value of the role of women in the fields of research and creation. An experience of the working group Museums and audiences 5 museums have jointly organised ourselves to offer the activity Stories in the museums for rebel children: as well as the…

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Author: Norma Vélez

The Parisian Melancholy of Ramon Casas

Martí Casas What story does Ramon Casas want to tell us in the painting Interior of Le Moulin de la Galette? It is one of the most enigmatic works by the great Modernista painter, a master specializing in portraiture who rarely painted complex subjects that could be interpreted in more than one way. The subject…

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Author: Martí Casas

Lluïsa Vidal, a woman artist in a world of men

 Montse Gumà In 1905 a series of 25 postcards were published of the most important artists of the time, according to its author Francesc Serra Dimas, who portrayed them in a personal and intimate environment.  Among the characters portrayed it is worth highlighting Lluïsa Vidal. In 1915, a second series of 35 new images came…

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Author: Montse Gumà

The Evolution of Woman illustrated through Art

Being an intern usually means having lots of routine tasks and minimum responsibility. Being an intern at the Museu Nacional means being part of the team. During the six months I spent at the museum, I was granted with an opportunity to be a part of several projects as well as to bring my own…

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Author: Z_Estudiants en pràctiques de Postgraus i Màsters

Female identities in art

Ramon Casas. La mandra. Cap a 1898-1900.

The collection of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya conserves a large number of works in which the image of the woman takes on a major prominence, and becomes an authentic advertising claim. Far from perpetuating the most conventional iconic stereotype that projected a fixed cultural cliché, which associated the woman with certain maternal behaviour…

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Author: Francesc Quílez