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Women in art. From the invented figure to their own bodies

Júlia Lull Sanz The social function of images The art historian Georges Didi-Huberman suggests that images have the ability to “touch on something real”. This statement seeks, on the one hand, to underline the determining social function of images beyond their aesthetic value, and on the other, to stress the evocative and generative power that…

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Author: Z_ Guest blogger

What can we do in the museum (other than exhibitions)?

Norma Vélez We are starting up the New Year with many very diverse proposals of activities, to be able to live the museum through fun and learning experiences.  The programming of activities contributes to turning the museum into a social space, of creation, reflection and debate, with proposals that boost these fields.  They are our…

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Author: Norma Vélez

Educational consumption or slow education? Educational programme 2015-2016

Teresa González Summarising or highlighting the programme aimed at schooling centres without falling into educational marketing is not easy. Art as a tool for perceiving the world, the artistic creation, that bursts in the classrooms and shakes the teaching practices, and the community building are some of the objectives that form the background for the educational…

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Author: Teresa González