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The Collection of works of the Civil War of the Museu Nacional: history and memory

Elena Llorens and Eduard Vallès Following last week’s post, in which we reported on the main new items that visitors will find in the refurbished space “Art and the Spanish Civil War” of the collection of Modern Art, today we will focus on the important collection of works from this period preserved by the Museu…

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Author: Elena Llorens

The Spanish Civil War at the Museu Nacional: New works, new artists

Eduard Vallès and Elena Llorens The Spanish Civil War was, without doubt, one of the bloodiest wars in the European history of the twentieth century and as such not only opened a deep wound in Spanish society but also left an indelible mark on the artistic production of the time, formally and thematically determining it….

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Author: Eduard Vallès

The Collection of the Propaganda Commission of the Generalitat de Catalunya (1936-1939) conserved in the library

Yolanda Ruiz On the occasion of the exhibition Romanesque Picasso  in the foyer of the Library of the museum, we are exhibiting some documents published by the Propaganda Commission.  The Commission, directed by Jaume Miravitlles, was created in Barcelona on 3rd October 1936 and remained active until February 1939. The activity of the Commission, as…

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Author: Yolanda Ruiz

Educational consumption or slow education? Educational programme 2015-2016

Teresa González Summarising or highlighting the programme aimed at schooling centres without falling into educational marketing is not easy. Art as a tool for perceiving the world, the artistic creation, that bursts in the classrooms and shakes the teaching practices, and the community building are some of the objectives that form the background for the educational…

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Author: Teresa González