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From Catalonia to Ukraine. From 1936 to 2022. Wars and heritage

Mireia Capdevila and Francesc Vilanova Curators of the exhibition The Museum in Danger! The Safeguarding and Organization of Catalan Art During the Civil War, MNAC, July 2021-February 2022 From the autumn of 1934, with the creation of a modern, functional and comprehensive museum of art at the service of the country, thanks to the efforts…

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Author: Mireia Capdevila and Francesc Vilanova

Preventive conservation: where are we?

Ruth Bagan In September the city of Turin was the venue for the international congress of the IIC (International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works), one of the most important institutions in the field of the preservation of the cultural heritage. The congress has been held every two years since 1961, and on…

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Author: Ruth Bagan

The Register of Works of Art

Jordi Casanovas In of the process of adding new pieces to the Museu Nacional’s collection, a series of steps are followed methodically that culminate with the admission of the works to the museum and the assignation of a registration number that they will always have. This identifier will prove to be crucial in the tasks…

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Author: Jordi Casanovas

The registrar in collection management: Risk management / 2

Sílvia Tena Art collections and, in general, any kind of heritage require great care and protection to ensure their safety with respect to losses or external damage. Works of art experience periods of extreme vulnerability (movement, transfer, intervention, restoration work, temporary exhibitions and so on). One of the aims of good collection management is to…

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Author: Sílvia Tena

Opening of the new Renaissance and Baroque galleries!

Full of excitement, after months of planning, rethinking, researching, restoring, documenting, adapting spaces, moving artworks from the storage rooms, hanging and unhanging, writing, labelling, lighting – in short, everything entailed in a new museographical presentation of hundreds of works from the collection – yesterday, Wednesday 24th, we reopened the Renaissance and Baroque galleries. During the…

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Author: Redacció museu

Numismatics at the Museu Nacional: activity and new projects

Albert Estrada-Rius The month of January, as is well known, is named after Janus, the Roman god of gates, crossroads and transitions, who is usually shown with two faces, one looking back to the past and the other looking forward to the future. This symbolic image invites us to take stock of the year that…

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Author: Albert Estrada-Rius

Christmas scenes at the Museu Nacional

Martí Casas As the Christmas festivities approach, just about everyone at home is clear about which figures can’t be missing in a crib, just as it should be: the Holy Family, the ox and the mule, the three wise men with their pages…and of course we can’t forget the caganer! Taking a look at the…

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Author: Martí Casas

Digital action in museums of China: Palace Museum of Beijing and others

Conxa Rodà Who could have told me that I’d be returning to China one year on. This time invited by the Palace Museum of the Forbidden City of Beijing, to participate in the CTIFòrum (Culture + Tech International Forum). An encounter based around museums and digital, where experiences were presented by Chinese museums and from…

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Author: Conxa Rodà

Francesc Torres: the best kept secrets of the museum

Exposició Francesc Torres

The artist and curator Francesc Torres has spent the past two years delving into the stores of the museum to extract some censored, mutilated artworks, hidden for political reasons or destroyed for multiple reasons, and he has presented them in apparent disorder, in the exhibition The Entropic Box.The Museum of Lost Objects.  This article has been…

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Author: Z_ Guest blogger

Reconstructing doors from the past. Entering into the lapidary collection of the Museu Nacional

In the museum we continually receive postgraduate and masters’ degree students, doing internships.  Today, we have invited David Fernández to explain his research experience, almost like a detective, which has allowed the puzzle of fragments, corresponding to four doors from different places around the city, to be reconstructed. David Fernández When Jordi Casanovas proposed this…

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Author: Z_Estudiants en pràctiques de Postgraus i Màsters