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Let the storage rooms speak!

Mónica Baró / Neus Conte / Marta Masafret Mónica Baró has been working at the museum since 2004. She entered the Commercial Management department as an intern and later occupied a vacancy that had arisen in that department. Since 2011 she has been a member of the Registration and Exhibitions department’s team, where she has…

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Author: Mónica Baró, Neus Conte and Marta Masafret

Francesc Torres: the best kept secrets of the museum

Exposició Francesc Torres

The artist and curator Francesc Torres has spent the past two years delving into the stores of the museum to extract some censored, mutilated artworks, hidden for political reasons or destroyed for multiple reasons, and he has presented them in apparent disorder, in the exhibition The Entropic Box.The Museum of Lost Objects.  This article has been…

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Author: Z_ Guest blogger

Reconstructing doors from the past. Entering into the lapidary collection of the Museu Nacional

In the museum we continually receive postgraduate and masters’ degree students, doing internships.  Today, we have invited David Fernández to explain his research experience, almost like a detective, which has allowed the puzzle of fragments, corresponding to four doors from different places around the city, to be reconstructed. David Fernández When Jordi Casanovas proposed this…

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Author: Z_Estudiants en pràctiques de Postgraus i Màsters