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The “Green Deal”of the Museu Nacional

Ferran Pérez and Xavier Abelló In November 2020, the European Parliament declared a climate emergency and, one month later, the President of the European Commission presented the “European Green Deal” , which should turn Europe into the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. The goals of this deal are for Europe to have a clean zero-emission…

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Author: Ferran Pérez and Xavier Abelló

The Energy-Saving Marathon at the Museu Nacional: small actions that combat energy poverty

Ferran Pérez What is the Energy Saving Marathon? It is an awareness-raising campaign about energy use and consumption. Its aim is make people aware of the use of energy consumed in public facilities and the need to reduce this consumption. By paying attention to the use we are making of energy, we can greatly reduce…

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Author: Ferran Pérez

The Social Responsibility project of the Museum

Josep Miquel Faura Over the past five years we have become familiarised with the initial CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).  After this five-year journey, finding these initials in all types of texts and published materials has become something normal. It is inevitable that companies, and especially the public institutions, adapt to the requirements of mature societies…

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Author: Josep-Miquel Faura

Preventive conservation: where are we?

Ruth Bagan In September the city of Turin was the venue for the international congress of the IIC (International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works), one of the most important institutions in the field of the preservation of the cultural heritage. The congress has been held every two years since 1961, and on…

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Author: Ruth Bagan

A museum more ecological and more economic: new installations in Modern Art

Even though we don’t have such an impact on the environment as the industrial sector, museums consume an important amount of energy, above all in terms of air conditioning and heating, as each gallery has to have a specific and constant degree of humidity and temperature, but also due to the lighting of the large…

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Author: Xavier Abelló

Ecodesign in the Museums: guidelines and examples

Within the rich universe of the temporary exhibitions, we live in a process of packing and unpacking. The majority of museums and cultural centres of the world, and especially the art museums, allocate one or more rooms to programming a series of exhibitions each season, each with a start and finishing date. Constructing for deconstructing,…

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Author: Z_ Guest blogger