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Montse Badia Geysers at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya is a curatorial project that brings together four artistic proposals resulting from a research process at this museum. Ro Caminal and Cristina Lucas will present the results of this research in 2022 and Raquel Friera and Núria Güell will do so in the course of 2023. Performative conference…

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Author: Montse Badia

Intrusive dialogues: placing art at the centre of our times

Àlex Mitrani The opening up of the collection to a new flexibility Putting things out of place, to refind ourselves. We need to do regular exercises to position ourselves again, to understand things in a different, refreshing way. The great national museums have patrimonial and symbolic requirements that contribute to a certain statism that results…

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Author: Àlex Mitrani

Unidentifiable Sketch. A contemporary drawing project in the Espai educArt with the excuse of Fortuny

Croquis inconcret Èlia Llach

Èlia Llach To prepare this project, the artist Èlia Llach (Barcelona, 1976) consulted the collection of the museum’s Cabinet of Drawings and Prints several times. There, what most caught her eye were some drawings by the painter Marià Fortuny (Reus, 1838 –Rome, 1874) classified as ‘Vague Sketches’, an apparently contradictory title referring to sketches that…

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Author: Èlia Llach

Liberxina: The Impetus and Impact of Rebellion

Àlex Mitrani Changing everything “A world is falling apart”, said a highlighted phrase in an article on 18th December 1968 in Tele-Express, entitled “Hippies y beatniks en la Plaza Real”, accompanied by a second article, “El ‘Underground’, cultura de subversión”. Three English terms were used to label a sociological phenomenon: the appearance of groups of…

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Author: Àlex Mitrani

Ethylic Suppuration of Stone or how to bring failure to the museum

Pere Llobera The painter and sculptor Pere Llobera has responded to the proposal to dialogue with the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya through his project Ethylic Suppuration of Stone that can be seen in the Room Educart until 3rd March 2019. After carrying out a research for the museum’s collection, the artist presents an installation…

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Author: Z_ Guest blogger

The renewal of the collection: new formats, new narrative

Àmbit. L'artista modern. Retrats i autoretrats

The modern art and contemporary collections of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya originate from the Universal Exposition that held in Barcelona in 1888. From that moment on and through very distinct processes, from museum systems and institutional acquisitions, to private donations and from artists, including popular subscriptions, a collection was formed which at the…

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Author: Juan José Lahuerta