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The shooting of “The Great White Hope”: A boxing match in the large Sala Oval of the building of the Museu Nacional

Manuel Vallejo Manuel Vallejo, a Friend of the Museu Nacional, explains some of his memories from youth related to the spaces of the museum that he has uncovered during lockdown. Already fifteen years before the initiative “Barcelona posa’t guapa” (Barcelona, make yourself beautiful) our building and sites attracted the attention of the international cinema industry.  The film…

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Author: Manuel Vallejo

History of a symbol: the searchlights of the Palau Nacional

Focus de llum del Palau nacional de Barcelona

Mireia Berenguer When you talk about the city of Barcelona graphically or draw its skyline, there are always a series of significant monuments and buildings in the city, such as the Sagrada Familia, the Agbar tower, the monument to Columbus or the triumphal arch, but there is also the Palau Nacional  with its unmistakable beams…

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Author: Mireia Berenguer

Eusebi Arnau’s sculpture of Barcelona recovers all its force

Àlex Masalles Among the white marble sculptures in the Dome Hall of the Museu Nacional, there is, to the left of the door to the restaurant, a work in bronze with a dark patina mounted on a base of Montjuïc stone. It is an allegorical representation of the city of Barcelona by the sculptor Eusebi…

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Author: Àlex Masalles

Joan Colom, the street photographer

One of the best photographers in the history of photography in Catalonia, Joan Colom, passed away this week. Without doubt, a leading figure within the collection of photography of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. Accountant by profession, he was self-trained and joined the Agrupació Fotogràfica de Catalunya in 1957. Taking photos with his Leica…

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Author: Redacció museu

Modernist architecture on the postcards of the Library

The oldest postcard circulated in Spain was issued in 1892. At the end of the 19th century, the Universal Postal Union regulated the format –9 x 14 cm– which was maintained until 1960, approximately, even though modern postcards are a little bigger. The first ones, published by the post office administrations, were very monotonous but…

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Author: Yolanda Ruiz