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Arts and health: challenges and opportunities

Guillem d’Efak From the Museu Nacional we are convinced that art can provide benefits for the health and welfare of the people and even produce a therapeutic effect. Initiatives are still only just beginning in our country, but some examples are worth highlighting, such as the  Alzheimer Programme in the CCCB or Estimul’Art, which are…

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Author: Z_ Guest blogger

The museum, multi-disciplinary incubator: a setting for discovering my profession

Nowadays, the museums offer a multitude of opportunities to youths with different interests and skills to train themselves professionally and the ones we discover in this blog are an example. Multi-disciplinary incubator Beyond the tasks that all of us recognise as those belonging to museums (conservation, diffusion, restoration of artworks, etc.) for a while now,…

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Author: Teresa González

2015 at The Museu Nacional: visual summary

Il·lustració: Laura Fernándezdibuix Palau Nacional i fonts de Montjuïc

We offer you a visual summary about 2015 at The Museu Nacional. Moreover, we thank to everyone, the readers of this blog, visitors of the museum, participants of the activities, users of our web and followers of our social media to participate actively. Thanks to everyone we are building a museum more open and social….

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Author: Redacció museu

Genesis and process of the digital catalogues in the Fundación Juan March

Montse Gumà Making all the art catalogues of the Foundation available from 1973 until the present day has been a major challenge and one that has been achieved in less than two years by a multi-disciplinary team. This was explained to us in a working session among museum professionals -mostly from the museums that make…

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Author: Montse Gumà

Educating Through the Arts. The Challenge of the Tandem Between the Escola Miquel Bleach and the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

Sometimes challenges and opportunities are two sides of the same coin. While as educators we are witnesses of the will to erase the arts from the official educational curriculum by some leading sectors, there appear some projects that go against the tide like this one of Tàndem Schools.The aim is to promote successful education by…

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Author: Esther Fuertes