Meetings with influencers: creating dialogues in the net about the exhibitions of the Museu Nacional

Teresa Llibre

Boosting the discovery of the exhibitions of the museum, enriching the contents and generating debate through the social networks.  These are the aims of the meetings with influencers and prescribers 2.0 that the Museu Nacional has organized, led by Iuris.doc.

An influencer is a person who has credibility with regard to a specific topic, and that due to their presence and influence in the social networks can end up becoming interesting prescribers for a brand or organization.   

The latest meetings have been designed, based around the exhibitions Gala Salvador Dalí and Bermejo, and have gathered together around 50 professionals (bloggers, tweeters and instagrammers from very diverse profiles and geographies).

Meeting around the exhibition Bartolomé Bermejo
Meeting around the exhibition Bartolomé Bermejo

Their participation and the contents generated in the social networks and the blogosphere, have connected the museum with new digital audiences.  But, beyond the potential of diffusion, the experience has allowed the museum to listen, create debate and start up a two-way dialogue with the community of users through legal prescribers. 

As follows, we analyse the 3 keys for success of the meetings with influencers of the museum:

A cartography of cross-cutting influencers

The selection of participating influencers is a fundamental aspect when defining the strategy.  For each of the meetings of the museum a specific map of influencers was elaborated by previously analysing each of the profiles.

Without losing from sight their online authority (contents, audience, channels, interaction, etc.), the selection focused on people active in the specialist network in different fields and disciplines. Profiles than can contribute their critical, enriching and multi-disciplinary vision about the contents of the exhibitions, awakening, in this way, the interest of the net.    

All the influencers selected were invited in a personalised way, achieving a ratio of 30% of confirmations of attendance to the meetings. Beforehand, they were provided with detailed information about the exhibition, with specially selected contents and optimised for digital productions (graphic materials, hashtags, etc.) 

Meeting around the exhibition Gala Dalí
Meeting around the exhibition Gala Dalí with travel bloggers

As such, the meeting Gala Salvador Dalí counted on specialists in art, cultural heritage and museums but also influencers in the world of fashion and feminism, attracted by the figure of Gala as a creator and artist.  Contact was also made with a large group of travel bloggers from Barcelona and Madrid so as to connect with the public at an international level.

An exclusive onsite proposal

It is necessary to design a personalised, effective and enriching onsite experience for professionals, by organising exclusive meetings for different profiles of influencers and adapted to the needs and availability of the participants.

The visit to the exhibitions was led by the director of the Museu Nacional, Pepe Serra, and by the conservators themselves of the museum.  The direct involvement of the staff of the institution and, in this case, of the director himself, has been one of the key factors in the motivation of the influencers and for transmitting the value of the exhibitions.

Meeting around the exhibition Gala Salvador Dalí
Meeting around the exhibition Gala Salvador Dalí

Throughout the tour, consultations were resolved and they were provided with graphic and audio-visual materials about the works.

The fact of carrying out an initial presentation of the profiles of the prescribers and providing them with a networking space after the visit, allowed us to exchange ideas and create synergies both between the influencers themselves as well as with the technical staff of the Museum. 

The meetings were broadcast integrally through the 2.0 channels of the Museum (LiveTwittering) interacting with the profiles of the prescribers.

The influencer, a co-generator of the contents of the exhibition

One of the challenges of the experience with prescribers was to involve them and to make them directly participate in the contents of the exhibitions.

Meeting around the exhibition Bartolomé Bermejo
Meeting around the exhibition Bartolomé Bermejo

With this aim in mind, within the meeting about Bartolomé Bermejo an action for the cogeneration of contents was designed which counted on a very good response from the influencers.  The proposal encouraged them to participate as invited tweeters of the MNAC by means of the creation of collaborative Twitter threads about the exhibition.

The threads created have been disseminated in 2.0 channels and through the digital signage screens of the museum enriching the exhibition directly from the net. 

This action has allowed us to gain maximum visibility on and offline to the prescribers and above all to create a stable link with the museum which could open up doors to future collaborations.

Some significant figures

  • The 3 meetings organized by the MNAC counted on 47 attendees.
  • More than 70% of the influencers in the meeting of Gala Salvador Dalí and 100% in the one of Bermejo have published contents in their blog or social networks specialized in museums, art, heritage, travel and fashion.
  • In blogs and web portals a total of 14 publications were carried out in the days after the meetings.
  • The network that has generated a greater level of engagement has been Twitter, with around 200 tweets with the hashtags #GalaDalí  and #BartoloméBermejo before, during and after the meetings.
  • Instagram has been the channel chosen by the influencers for the diffusion of multimedia contents about the exhibitions with more than 2000 likes in images, videos, photographic galleries, posts and stories.

To everyone, thanks a lot!

We are very grateful for the involvement of the museum in the organization of the meetings and the participation of almost 50 influencers who have generated debate and shared knowledge in the net about the exhibitions of the MNAC.

Without doubt, an experience to continue exploring in the future to open up new creative spaces of dialogue between the cultural institutions and the citizenship.

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