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Presenting the collection in other cities and countries is a constantly expanding line of work at the museum. We have recently published the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya’s programme of exhibitions for 2019. Here we are presenting the exhibitions that will be held outside the museum, as a result of collaboration with national and international cultural institutions.


This exhibition takes as its point of departure the short stories in the book by Rubén Darío, Azul, to propose a journey through all the shades of the colour that defined the Modernista movement.

The show will feature, among others, Vincent Van Gogh, Santiago Rusiñol, Joaquim Mir, Hermen Anglada-Camarasa, Ferdinand Hodler, Gustave Courbet, Martí Alsina, Joaquin Torres-García and Segundo de Chomón.

Organized jointly by l’Obra Social “la Caixa”, the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya and the Musées d’Art et d’Histoire de Genève, it will be on at Caixaforum in Seville, Zaragoza and Palma.

Joaquim Mir, Gold and Azure, c. 1902

Joaquim Mir, Gold and Azure, c. 1902

The Poetics of Emotion

The Poetics of Emotion reveals the power that, throughout history, art has had to move us.

It will do so based on some essential names from the ”la Caixa” Collection, such as Bill Viola, Shirin Neshat Esther Ferrerwhich will establish a dialogue with works from the Museu Nacional’s collection, pieces of medieval and of modern art, along with numerous loans by other institutions.

Organized by Obra Social ”la Caixa” in collaboration with the Museu Nacional, it will be on at Caixaforum in Barcelona, Zaragoza and Seville.

The image of the artist’s atelier

Depicting the creative surroundings in which artists worked, a very common subject among nineteenth-century artists, is the objective of this exhibition to be held in the Víctor Balaguer Museum Library in the autumn of 2019.

The exhibition will include a selection of paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and posters, from public and private collections. Many of the works are unknown to the general public.

Segundo Matilla, Self-portrait, 1907

Segundo Matilla, Self-portrait, 1907

Alfons Viñals, The workshop of Josep Lluís Ràfols Gassó, 1888

Alfons Viñals, The workshop of Josep Lluís Ràfols Gassó, 1888. Museu Víctor Balaguer (Vilanova i la Geltrú)

The city of artistic miracles

The Museu Nacional is collaborating in a major exhibition about Barcelona in the period of Modernisme that will be seen during 2019 in five museums and art galleries in Japan.

The exhibition will be visiting Sapporo, Nagasaki, Himeji, Shizuoka and Tokyo, presenting about 120 works in all: paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, models, plans and objects that speak of the city’s transformation and the extraordinary artistic effervescence that it experienced in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The journey will begin in Nagasaki in April 2019 and will end in Tokyo in April 2020.

Ramon Casas. Moulin de la Galette Interior, c. 1890-1891

Ramon Casas. Moulin de la Galette Interior, c. 1890-1891

Taking the exhibits out of the museum and presenting them in other cities in this country and abroad is a very good way of projecting the collection in the world and publicizing our artistic and historical heritage.

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