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Documentation in the Museu Nacional: a grey task?

Neus Conte/Marta Masafret The Museu Nacional manages a large and varied volume of objects of art, some 290,000 works distributed in diverse collections: Romanesque Art, Gothic Art, Renaissance and Baroque, Modern Art (including Photographic Heritage), the Cabinet of Drawings and Prints, and the Numismatic Cabinet. Of this total of works, 164,500 are documented in the…

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Author: Neus Conte

Museums training with the Johns Hopkins University

Conxa Rodà The Museu Nacional has collaborated with the Johns Hopkins University of Washington to host in Barcelona, in January 2016, an onsite seminar within its Online Master of Arts in Museum Studies, as we had already done in 2012. Entitled Museums in Changing Times, the academic programme, of two weeks’ duration, was made up…

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Author: Conxa Rodà

Photographers of museums, photographers and artists working in the shade?

Marta Mérida Soon it will be 24 years since I started working in photographic department of Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. During this time, I have dedicated oneself to take different photographs, always related with the needs of the museum: I have photographed the works for the register and catalogues; I have assisted to the…

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Author: Marta Mérida

The “private life” of the museum: from the nineteen thirties to today

Montse Gumà We offer an illustrated tour in a jump of eighty years in the life of the museum.  Flicking through the issues of September, October and November of the Butlletí dels Museus d’Art de Barcelona (The Newsletter of the Art Museum of Barcelona) of 1936, which reproduce a talk given by Joaquim Folch i Torres, the first…

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Author: Montse Gumà

Paintings in the cathedrals of Europe, congress in Pisa

Restorers, but also architects, engineers, physicists and chemists, conservators of collections, politicians, members of the church and managers, participated in the latest congress about European cathedrals which is held annually in Pisa and that, in its fourth Edition, was dedicated to the conservation of pictorial heritage. Organised by the Opera della Primaziale Pisana, the emphasis…

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Author: Mireia Mestre

A romantic courier trip: two Renaissance portraits meet up again

Hans Mielich. Retrat d’una dona de 57 anysHans Mielich. Retrat d’una dona de 57 anys

One of the habitual tasks of the conservator-restorer of the museum is to act as a courier. It is a job that doesn’t only involve accompanying the work to be loaned for a temporary exhibition but also writing the reports about the state of conservation, of the interventions of restoration (if necessary), supervision of packing…

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Author: Anna Carreras

The tao of handling works of art

One of the considerations that is frequently overlooked in the handling of works of art, besides technical considerations, is the attitude that art handlers have to take when approaching their work. The peculiar nature of this profession makes necessary not just technical expertise, but also an understanding of it as another link in the safeguarding…

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Author: Lluís Alabern