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We have reached 200 articles published in the blog of the museum! That’s why we are producing a collection of the articles which have been followed with greater interest by our readers and we take advantage of this to ask you at the end about the topics you would like us to talk about in future articles.

The 5 most-read articles of the blog of the Museu Nacional

The articles that have been read most during these three years that we have been publishing in the weekly blog of the museum have been:

The challenges for today’s museums

Pepe Serra, director of the Museu Nacional,  puts forward in this article some of the main challenges for the museums of the 21st century such as, for example, “the museums should be capable of highlighting the value and managing better the whole of their collections, and to work on a much more dynamic and open concept of heritage, so as to make it as accessible as possible”. Museums, to be relevant, says the author, should carry out a revolution in the majority of the approaches and schemes that we have had until now.

15 tech trends in museums in 2015

In this article published in three parts, Conxa Rodà carried out a review of the technological trends in museums, which are still valid in 2018: digital transformation, the power of the mobile, open data, analytics, monitoring of the social networks… always keeping the user in the mind.  And all oriented towards knowing and valuing how everything digital can help us to fulfil our mission as a museum, and to make good connectors between the collections-knowledge and the audience.

The how and why of the restoration of a watercolour by Tapiró

Carme Ramells, paper restorer of the museum, describes in this article the restoration process of the watercolour by Josep Tapiró  The Darcawi holy man from Marrakesh, which was found to be in a very poor state of conservation due, amongst other circumstances, to interventions in the past, such as, for example, the treatment of bleaching of the paper, with products such as bleach or similar, which were very common amongst restorers during the past century.  The restorer explains the cleaning, stain by stain, with Methylcellulose gel, rubbers and scalpels as well as with steam cleaning.

Casagemas, vindicated. History of a long research and an exhibition

The creation process of the exhibition Carles Casagemas. The artist beneath the myth explained in the blog by its curator, Eduard Vallès and the result of research carried out over a number of years.  Carles Casagemas, to whom the museum dedicated an exhibition with the new line of recuperation of Catalan artists, was a barely known artist, even though with his work, he synthesised his period, one of the most brilliant that Catalan art has undergone.

The connecting power of the new website of the Museo del Prado

We interviewed Javier Pantoja , head of the Digital Department of the Museo del Prado, who explained the renovation to us of the website of the Museo del Prado , an excellent example of a semantic website that weaves a rich network of inter-relations between the information sheets of the work, images, videos, conferences, biographies, history. Javier revealed the step by step of the internal work process as well as the future lines of improvement, such as generating better contexts of the information that the users are seeking.

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