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The Watercolour World, a stroll around the world before photography

Laia Pérez In the museum we are working on collaborative digital projects to spread the collections internationally. The first digital project of international scope in which the museum participated was Google Art Project, which made the museum’s collections available to everyone through the net. Then came Europeana: Partage Plus and Europeana Photography. Now, we are…

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Author: Laia Pérez

The how and why of the restoration of a watercolour by Tapiró

Imatges del final de la intervenció, amb llum difosa (esquerra) i rasant (dreta).Imatges del final de la intervenció, amb llum difosa (esquerra) i rasant (dreta).

More than a conventional watercolour, The Darcawi Holy Man of Marrakech, by Josep Tapiró (Reus, 1836 – Tangier, 1913) is a water-based painting, very richly worked, that doesn’t leave you indifferent. The circumstances, however, had led it to a such a deficient state of conservation that the aesthetic potential and technical quality had become lifeless….

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Author: Carme Ramells