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The 130th anniversary of Torres-Garcia’s arrival in Barcelona (1892-2022): Torres-Garcia in the Museu Nacional’s collections/1

Eduard Vallès In 2022 it is exactly 130 years since the artist Joaquim Torres-Garcia (Montevideo, 1874-1949) arrived in Barcelona. I feel the anniversary is the perfect excuse to shine the spotlight on one of the most international artists who worked – and also trained – in Catalonia. That is why we will write about his…

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Author: Eduard Vallès

The story of an experience at the Tate after the Postgraduate course in Museum Management

Mercè Giralt As a former student in the second year of the Postgraduate course in Museum Management, I would like to take the opportunity to share here one of the best experiences I have had in the field of museums and which I would probably not have had without first studying this programme. Thanks to…

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Author: Z_Estudiants en pràctiques de Postgraus i Màsters