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The museum is on the move!

Núria Perales and Patrícia Prats The Museu Nacional is in constant movement and we have started the year with an action in the street which allows us to confirm this literally. A total of 14 works of the collection have travelled by tram for two months and have surprised the travellers, more accustomed to seeing…

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Author: Ana Ponce

Publicity brochures for naval companies, 1919-1939

Yolanda Ruiz We are presenting the collection of publicity brochures of the naval companies that we conserve in the library of the museum.  It is made up of around forty documents from the interwar period (1919-1939). The Port of Barcelona is the biggest cruise ship port in the Mediterranean and the fourth in the world,…

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Author: Yolanda Ruiz

Deconstruction of the Modern Art campaign

  Do you recognise this poster? Have you seen on a shop window while walking around the centre of Barcelona, Terrassa or Granollers? Or perhaps you’ve seen the advertisement published in the press? Did it catch your attention to the extent that you wanted to find out more or to go to the museum? If…

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Author: Núria Perales