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The chronicle of a large-size painting restoration

Hercules Searching for the Hesperides by Aleix Clapés looks splendid once again in the Palau Güell It has been over a century since Aleix Clapés took charge of the pictorial decoration of the Palau Güell, designed by Antoni Gaudí, to paint three versions, of different sizes, but practically identical, of Hercules Searching for the Hesperides, one of…

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Author: Redacció museu

A new attribution to Joan Mates, a painter of Catalan Gothic

On the basis of its style, a small fragment from an altarpiece in the collection of the Ulm Museum (Germany) can be attributed to the painter Joan Mates, one of the principal exponents of Catalan Gothic. With the attribution of this piece – of singular iconography – to this artist, not only has the painter’s…

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Author: Cèsar Favà

Female identities in art

Ramon Casas. La mandra. Cap a 1898-1900.

The collection of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya conserves a large number of works in which the image of the woman takes on a major prominence, and becomes an authentic advertising claim. Far from perpetuating the most conventional iconic stereotype that projected a fixed cultural cliché, which associated the woman with certain maternal behaviour…

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Author: Francesc Quílez

A dead revived: Viladomat’s self-portrait

autoretrat de Viladomat

On the occasion of the exhibitions based around the figure of the painter Antoni Viladomat, his Self-Portrait has been restored. His work that was in the reserves of the museum, was not exhibited due to its poor state of conservation. The painting had suffered the consequences of some unfortunate vicissitudes it had undergone in the…

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Author: Núria Prat

In the footsteps of Josep Tapiró

Exposicio Tapiró al Museu Nacional

Personally, the exhibition Josep Tapiró. Painter of Tangiers, has been a considerable professional challenge. The major dispersion of the most important works has made the task of finding the works difficult, even though in the end we have managed to bring most of the ones we had counted on at the start. Furthermore, the historical-artistic…

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Author: Jordi Àngel Carbonell