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The connecting power of the new website of the Museo del Prado

Conxa Rodà The new website of the Museo del Prado is an excellent example of how to connect the collection, the knowledge and the public. The network of interrelations between artworks’ records, the images, videos, talks, biographies, history, etc., offer very enriched and contextualised approaches of the works, the artists and the periods. All in…

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Author: Conxa Rodà

In the footsteps of Josep Tapiró

Exposicio Tapiró al Museu Nacional

Personally, the exhibition Josep Tapiró. Painter of Tangiers, has been a considerable professional challenge. The major dispersion of the most important works has made the task of finding the works difficult, even though in the end we have managed to bring most of the ones we had counted on at the start. Furthermore, the historical-artistic…

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Author: Jordi Àngel Carbonell