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The connecting power of the new website of the Museo del Prado

Conxa Rodà The new website of the Museo del Prado is an excellent example of how to connect the collection, the knowledge and the public. The network of interrelations between artworks’ records, the images, videos, talks, biographies, history, etc., offer very enriched and contextualised approaches of the works, the artists and the periods. All in…

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Author: Conxa Rodà

Still lifes on the museum’s collection

Montse Gumà, in collaboration with Valeria Nepeina Are you one of those people who stops and gazes at market stalls and the shop windows of florists and the more traditional grocery stores? When you travel, are markets must-see attractions on your sightseeing trips? We love the colours, the smells, the orderly arrangement of the fruit…

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Author: Montse Gumà

The tao of handling works of art

One of the considerations that is frequently overlooked in the handling of works of art, besides technical considerations, is the attitude that art handlers have to take when approaching their work. The peculiar nature of this profession makes necessary not just technical expertise, but also an understanding of it as another link in the safeguarding…

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Author: Lluís Alabern