Any plans for this summer? Our museum will be open!


The Night of the Museu Nacional

A night with open doors throughout the museum with live music, dance, circus and gastronomy, from 8 in the evening to 1 in the morning, on Saturday July 15th.

An animated programme that has as its counterpoint a relaxing moment on the terraces: views, taking a drink and snack…

Museum Quiz (in Catalan)

On the Wednesdays of July you will be able to participate in the Museum Quiz Summer Tour: Come and play, a game of trivial pursuit in museums.

To sign up you just need to be 18 years old or over, and to form part of a team of between 4 and 6 people. Questions will be in Catalan.

Temporary exhibitions and permanent collection

Ismael Smith, the beauty and the monsters

Until 17th September you will be able to visit the exhibition dedicated to the provocative artist Ismael Smith.  The exhibition offers, for the first time, a panoramic view of all his production, mostly unpublished, and presents more than 400 works that allow you to discover an extraordinary character is his complexity.

A provocative iconography, sarcasm, sexual ambiguity, and mysticism which was not very habitual within the context of Noucentisme (a Catalan cultural movement of the early 20th century), always in order, and that of a hypocritical and conservative society.

The museum’s collection

The museum counts on the most important collection of Catalan art in the world, from medieval art until the present day.  In the Museu Nacional you can see the best collection of Romanesque mural painting  and the most representative artists of Catalan modernism, such as, for example, Gaudí or Casas. The Gothic art and the collection of photography complete the expositive tour.
Currently, the collection of Renaissance and Baroque, is closed to the public given that we are carrying out the works for a new presentation to be open at the end of the year.

The 20 medieval masterpieces of the Gallardo Collection, one of the most important donations in the history of the museum, can now be visited, in context, in the medieval art galleries.

You can rediscover the modern art collection of the museum in the form of comic if you follow the tour: “From vignette to vignette. Itinerary in comic book code by Modern Art”

Also in the modern art galleries, within the framework of the Loop Festival, there is a video-installation by the artist David Claerbout (room 78).


Master’s degree in contemporary artistic creation from the Faculty of Fine Arts.

An exhibition of works by four master’s degree students which is presented in the Espai educArt on 6th July and you will be able to see it until 24th September.

Summer reading

Now that it’s holiday time, it’s an ideal moment to enjoy some reading. These are our latest publications, among which you will be able to find the catalogues of the exhibitions of artists such as Torné Esquius, Lluïsa Vidal and Ismael Smith.


From the terraces-viewpoint of the Palau Nacional you can find a spectacular panoramic view of the city:  a 360 degree vision of the main buildings and monuments that make up the Barcelona skyline.

Furthermore, on the Terrace-Viewpoint oriented towards the Avenue of Maria Cristina, you can get a snack and a drink from the cocktail-bar, with the show of the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc at your feet.  This service is open both during the day and also when the doors of the museum close.

In addition to this, in the museum you can find other services such as the library, the museum shop with a good selection of products and art books, a cafeteria, etc.  You also have the possibility of carrying out some activities by yourselves, such as visiting the building or resolving the enigmas of the museum with the family. All in all, in a cool environment and with WiFi connection.

However, for those who prefer to stay at home, you can always browse the online collection or the virtual tours that we offer you on the website, or you may enjoy creating a personal route exploring our artworks using the app or website Unique Visitors. For the younger ones there are the online jigsaw puzzles and the possibility of colouring in sheets.

We look forward to sharing an enjoyable time together this summer!

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