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Collectors that have made museums

If there is one thing that the museums of Catalonia are noted for it is being the result, not of ancient royal collections, as is the case with the Belgian royal museums, or, closer to home, the Prado Museum, but of private collections that have been purchased, bequeathed, donated or ceded to the Museums Board…

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Author: Redacció museu

The persistence of a millionairess for the “Virgin of Sallent de Sanaüja”

Mireia Berenguer The Gothic sculpture Virgin Sallent de Sanaüja, today part of the collection of the Museu Nacional, has a curious story behind it. Lluís Plandiura i Pou (1882-1956), one of the major collectors of Catalan art, gathered together, throughout his life, thousands of artistic objects from all periods, until he ended up creating an authentic museum…

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Author: Mireia Berenguer

Modernism commercial art and the beauty of the machine at the 19th century

The society of the end of the 19th century didn’t hide its fascination for machinism. From the 1850s onwards, the universal expositions made room for the power of human ingenuity, with the desire to subdue nature. This attraction for the idea of technical-scientific progress was directly reflected in commercial art. Many of the posters from…

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Author: Francesc Quílez