Museum Quiz Summer Tour, the trivial pursuit of the museums this summer


Four museums of Barcelona have got together this summer to propose a fun activity together: the “Museum Quiz Summer Tour. Come and play”, a Trivial Pursuit game in teams which took place in each of the four museums on all the Wednesday evenings of July.

Moment of the contest at the Museu Nacional. Photo: Miguel López Díaz @MiquelMMB

The Museum Quiz Summer Tour was inspired by the pub quiz, a contest of questions and answers that is played in the pubs of Great Britain which has been so successful that it has spread all over the world.  The four museums, the Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona, the Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya, the Museu Marítim de Barcelona and the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, have adapted this game consisting of different rounds of questions and answers of a comparable level to Trivial Pursuit with some of them referring to the theme of each museum. The quizmaster, responsible for leading and animating the context was the actor and humourist Alberte Montes.

As follows, we propose 22 questions from the quiz which took place in the museum. Do you feel like playing? The answers to the questions are at the end.

Questions.  See how many you get right!

  1. In which direction did the first Gran Prix of Spain circulate, held in the circuit of Montjuïc in 1969?
    a. Clockwise – in the direction of the clock hands
    b. Anticlockwise – in the opposite direction of the clock hands
    c. Following the panoramic itinerary designed by Barcelona City Council

  2. Pencils consist of grease and clay and mineral. What mineral is it?

    Two pencils. Source: wikipedia

  3. From what wood are the head and body of the Battló Majesty made?
    a. Walnut
    b. Willow
    c. Holm oak

    Anonymous, Batlló Majesty, mid 12th century. Detail

  4. What was the trade of the father of the artist Jacopo Comin, better known as Tintoretto?
  5. In September 1229 the fleet of Jaume I sailed out of Salou to conquer Majorca.  How long did it take him to reach the island?
    a. 16 hours
    b. 2 days
    c. 3 days

    Master of the Conquest of Majorca, Mural paintings of the Conquest of Majorca, 1285-1290. Detail

  6. Wich English filmmaker directed a film dedicated to William Turner, the artist known as ‘the painter of light’?
  7. What’s the name of the bicycle race, considered to be one of the longest in the world, that passes through Malawi?

  8. This year Facebook has censored a video in which a nude of Modigliani appears.
    True or false?

    Amedeo Modigliani, Reclining nude, 1917. Source: Wikipedia

  9. The Museu Nacional Museu Nacional conserves a unique work by the French impressionist (Alfred Sisley, A Bend in the Loing, 1892). How much was it acquired for in 1917?
    a. 5.000 Francs
    b. 15.000 Francs
    c. 150.000 Francs

    Alfred Sisley, A Bend in the Loing, 1892

  10. Name of the song and interpreter :

  11. Wich saint was known as the Great Martyr?
  12. What do you call the technique of removing mural paintings?
    a. Lacerazione
    b. Strappo
    c. Chromatic Peeling

    Especialista treballant en l’arrencament de les pintures murals romàniques

  13. In which island is El gorg blau represented by Joaquim Mir situated?

  14. In wich century was the most emblematic work of Catalan Romanesque painted (Pantocrator of Sant Climent de Taüll)?
    a. 10th
    b. 11th
    c. 12th

    Master of Taüll, Apse of Sant Climent de Taüll, around 1123. Detail

  15. Wich artist artist was the “Ferran Adrià” of the Renaissance period, creating recipes of visionary cuisine?
    a. Donatello
    b. Leonardo
    c. Miquel Àngel Buonarroti
  16. What was the President of the Spanish government called who led the troops in the painting “The Battle of Tetouan” by Fortuny?

    Marià Fortuny, The Battle of Tetouan, 1863-1865

  17. What animal sleeps the most hours, on average?  A clue: it’s not the one below…

    Ramon Martí i Alsina, The Siesta, around 1884

  18. What does Andy Warhol represent in the design of the famous cover of the first studio album of The Velvet Underground?
  19. In wich Gothic church of Barcelona can we find a stained glass window pane with the coat of arms of Barça?
  20. How much does the sculpture by Josep Llimona of ‘El desconsol’ (Desolation) weigh?
    a. 1200 Kg.
    b. 900 Kg.
    c. 700 Kg.

    Josep Llimona, Desolation, 1907

  21. Name of the song and interpreter:

  22. Who was the director of the Museo del Prado during the Civil war, even though he never ended up exercising as such?

Congratulations to the winners of the Museum Quiz Summer Tour which took place in the museum, and thanks a lot to all the teams that took part and to those who participated from the blog!


1.b. anticlockwise – in the opposite direction of the clock hands
3.a. Walnut
5.c. 3 days
6.Mike Leigh
7.Tour d’Afrique
9.b. 15.000 Francs
10.Coldplay. ‘Viva la vida’
11.Saint George
13.Majorca, the Balearic Islands
14.c. 12th century
15.b. Leonardo
16.Leopoldo O’Donnell
17.The koala
18.A banana
19.Santa Maria del Mar
20.c. Around 700 kg
21.Mecano. “Eungenio’ Salvador Dalí’
22.Pablo Picasso
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