Family gathering at the museum, a summertime festivity

Cristina Riera

Today we will tell you about a leisure and summer activity.  This July we have held the fifth edition of the “Family gathering” event in which the workers of the museum were able to participate accompanied by our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

The festivity followed the same format as in the previous editions. The first activity was related to the museum so that the smallest ones could get to know new aspects of the collections or the installations. This year we organised a painting contest for the families in the Sala Oval, in which the smallest ones also had their own space to play.  Here we share the experience.

Each group of artists was provided with a pack of material made up of an easel, a canvas, various paint brushes, a pencil, an eraser, small pots with different coloured paints, a palette to mix the colours and a plastic apron to avoid getting stained.

Meeting point at the Oval Hall

Each family had to choose an artwork from the museum from among the various reproductions from different periods distributed around the walls of the Sala Oval and to make their own interpretation. In this way they became artists, letting their talent come to the fore, and making their imagination flow.

Painting contest

Joan Yeguas, curator of the collections of Renaissance and Baroque of the Museu Nacional, was the person responsible for rating the paintings presented in the contest and deciding on the winners. It should be pointed out, however, that given the level of creativity and quality of the paintings, it was a very difficult task to choose just three works.

Some of the paintings of the participants

First prize:

Saint George Slaying the Dragon (Anonymous, End of 15th century)

Second prize:

Tournée du Chat Noir (Théophile Alexandre Steinlen, 1896)

Third prize:

_1020993 DSC_4560 043886-000_0025-024
Still Life with Flowers in a Basket and Exotic Bird (Pedro de Camprobín, circa 1640)

Once the painting session had finished, the festivity continued in the open air. The fifty or so participants – 29 kids and 22 adults – awaited the traditional afternoon snacks.  The kids had the chance to play football, basketball, giant board games, blowing soap bubbles, face painting and jumping and going down the inflatable slide, in which, this year, even the adults dared to go up and become kids again for a short while.

Makeup workshop

Board games

More outdoor activities

As always, the experience has been fantastic and highly enriching because, on the one hand, the kids learnt many new things from the activity carried out in the museum, and on the other hand, both young and old were able to enjoy together an afternoon of entertainment and fun, and we strengthened relations within the incomparable framework of the museum.

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