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A Gothic panel by Lluís Dalmau, a new addition to the museum’s collection

Cèsar Favà On 31 May the Decapitation of Saint Baudilus, by Lluís Dalmau, originally in Sant Boi de Llobregat, was sold at auction and purchased by the museum thanks to funding by the Palarq Foundation. From this week and coinciding with Museu Nacional Night 2017, it is temporarily on display in room 17 of the…

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Author: Cèsar Favà

The magnificence of the “fashion” and the brightness of the colours of Gothic II

The use of incisions by the artist As we saw in the previous article, once the panel had been prepared with the different layers of plaster, the artist made the preparatory sketch. He began with sticks of charcoal and, when it was done, he half erased it with a feather; he then went over the entire drawing…

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Author: Ana Ponce

The magnificence of the “fashion” and the brightness of the colours of the Gothic I

The panel of The princess Eudoxia in front of the tomb of Saint Stephen of the altarpiece of Saint Stephen of Granollers represents the Roman Emperor Theodosius II and Empress Eudoxia leading their daughter, the princess Eudoxia, possessed by the devil, in front of the relics of Saint Stephen. It shows the moment of the…

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Author: Núria Prat