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The Ayala family: a metaphor for social ostentation

Joan Yeguas As part of the visit to the Renaissance and Baroque Art collection there is an area called “Portraiture: Painted Biographies”, with a small section devoted to “The image of the donor”, a good place to observe how the assertion of individuality is captured in portraits and how in certain cases a person’s social…

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Author: Joan Yeguas

The magnificence of the “fashion” and the brightness of the colours of the Gothic I

The panel of The princess Eudoxia in front of the tomb of Saint Stephen of the altarpiece of Saint Stephen of Granollers represents the Roman Emperor Theodosius II and Empress Eudoxia leading their daughter, the princess Eudoxia, possessed by the devil, in front of the relics of Saint Stephen. It shows the moment of the…

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Author: Núria Prat