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Christ of Capdella, paradigm of reuse/1

Anna Carreras Study of the restoration work prior to its admission to the museum In an attempt to prolong the functional lives of works of art, the Catholic Church has often renewed their decoration, in order to reuse highly prized assets, joining them together artificially, updating them and adapting them to new tastes and liturgical…

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Author: Anna Carreras

We recover a Romanesque Virgin

Àngels Comella i Jordi Camps A crowned Child Jesus about to get down from his mother’s lap is the feature that characterizes a Romanesque image that entered the museum in 1920, after the Museums Board had purchased it from the antiques dealer Josep Valenciano. It is a polychrome hardwood carving, with a very interesting conception…

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Author: Àngels Comella

How we restored the Romanesque woodcarving of Saint John the Evangelist

Mireia Mestre Few would guess from which institution comes the Romanesque woodcarving of Saint John the Evangelist that is currently exhibited as a guest work at the Museum Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. An important art collector, the provost from Vilafranca Manuel Trens, a priest who was also director of the Museum Diocesà de Barcelona, donated…

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Author: Mireia Mestre