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Is immersion the crucial new algorithm for cultural experiences?

Insights from the 4th Cultural Heritage Conference, Barcelona Irina Grevtsova In recent years, the word “immersive” has become fashionable and it is used to describe almost everything: living as a local in a tourist destination; bathing beneath waterfalls in a digital cascade; going on stage and interacting with actors; taking selfies in pop-up installations, or…

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Author: Z_ Guest blogger

Trends in Museums: ICOFOM Symposium in Paris

Nouvelles tendances de la museologie

Conxa Rodà By invitation from the Committee of Museology of the ICOM (ICOFOM), the museum participated in the international symposium in the Sorbonne University dedicated to New Trends. In a changing world and one of accelerated transformation, rethinking the role of the museums and of museology has become a need not only to progress, but…

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Author: Conxa Rodà