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Joaquim Mir & Picasso: Portraits, wild and solar

Eduard Vallès If there is a Catalan artist who evokes the painting of light like few others, it is Joaquim Mir (Barcelona 1873-1940). For example, the subliminal and almost dreamlike landscapes of the coasts of Mallorca, or the relentless sun over the landscapes of Tarragona, incorporate plastic values that transfer the painting to a high…

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Author: Eduard Vallès

Joaquim Mir’s Majorcan stained glass triptych, The Blue Pool

El Gorg Blau (The Blue Pool) was a beauty spot in the Tramuntana mountain range in Majorca, one of the highest and wildest points on the island. There, after passing through a deep narrow gorge, a mountain stream drained into a small lake before continuing on its way to the sea. This place in Majorca,…

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Author: Martí Casas