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Towards an unfinished museography

Lluís Alabern Artworks have various lives; those that they live during their time, in their context, and those which live outside their times, in new periods. We owe the rupture of the unidirectionality and temporal coherence of the History of Art to the thinkers such as Aby Warburg or Walter Benjamin. Under the protection of…

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Author: Lluís Alabern

The Palau Nacional, a building with a long history /2

Montse Gumà and Sandra Esteban in collaboration with Marta Mérida During the Spanish Civil War, the Palau Nacional was evacuated and the works moved to Olot and Darnius. In 1937 some pieces travelled to Paris to form part of an exhibition of Catalan medieval art.  Once the conflict had come to an end, in 1939,…

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Author: Montse Gumà

A museum more ecological and more economic: new installations in Modern Art

Even though we don’t have such an impact on the environment as the industrial sector, museums consume an important amount of energy, above all in terms of air conditioning and heating, as each gallery has to have a specific and constant degree of humidity and temperature, but also due to the lighting of the large…

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Author: Xavier Abelló

A museum you’ve never seen! The renewed Modern Art collection

We are reopening the first floor dedicated to Modern Art, after a process of renovation of the collections, the galleries and the museography. We have turned everything round in the museum so as to explain a new narrative and to provide a new way of looking at the collection. These have been six vibrant and…

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Author: Redacció museu

Ecodesign in the Museums: guidelines and examples

Within the rich universe of the temporary exhibitions, we live in a process of packing and unpacking. The majority of museums and cultural centres of the world, and especially the art museums, allocate one or more rooms to programming a series of exhibitions each season, each with a start and finishing date. Constructing for deconstructing,…

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Author: Z_ Guest blogger