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A night at the museum/2_ what the students say

Sandra Figueras In a previous article we explained the night which the boys and girls from the Institut Juan Manuel Zafra from the neighbourhood of Clot of Barcelona spent in the museum. It formed part of the artistic research that they had done in the museum during the course, within the framework of In Residence….

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Author: Sandra Figueras

9 notes about innovation and change (in less than 140 characters)

Conxa Rodà The ancient ones already said so: “Novare aut perire” either we innovate or we stagnate and, therefore, we die from involution A tip for directors: explore the internal talent of your organisation before going out and looking for it elsewhere. Afterwards, mix them The cost of not innovating, or when saving on innovation…

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Author: Conxa Rodà

A personal invitation from Gala Dalí

Elisabet Pueyo We receive an invitation.  As if it was from Gala herself, the team of the Fundación Gala Salvador Dalí invited us to get to know the castle of Púbol, the refuge of Gala in the Empordà. On the occasion of the exhibition Gala-Dalí which the Museu Nacional is co-organizing with the Foundation this…

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Author: Elisabet Pueyo

Arts and health: challenges and opportunities

Guillem d’Efak From the Museu Nacional we are convinced that art can provide benefits for the health and welfare of the people and even produce a therapeutic effect. Initiatives are still only just beginning in our country, but some examples are worth highlighting, such as the  Alzheimer Programme in the CCCB or Estimul’Art, which are…

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Author: Z_ Guest blogger

The Ukiyo-e of the Museu Nacional

Alícia Cornet The ukiyo-e  in context A ukiyo-e is a type of xylographic printing in colour that was produced in Japan during the Edo period (1603-1868) and the Meiji period (1868-1912). During the period of stability and peace that Japan lived in the Edo period, governed by the Tokugawa family, this led to the growth…

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Author: Alícia Cornet

Stories in the museums for rebel children

Norma Vélez An activity for families with the aim of highlighting the value of the role of women in the fields of research and creation. An experience of the working group Museums and audiences 5 museums have jointly organised ourselves to offer the activity Stories in the museums for rebel children: as well as the…

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Author: Norma Vélez

Bookplates of Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

Adela Laborda, Francesc  Quílez and Mercè Saura, with the collaboration of Carme Osan The museum conserves in the Cabinet of Drawings, prints and posters some 15,000 bookplates (exlibris), the Latin term used to call those small works of art printed on paper that indicate the name of the owner of a book and that tend to…

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Author: Adela Laborda

Eusebi Arnau’s sculpture of Barcelona recovers all its force

Àlex Masalles Among the white marble sculptures in the Dome Hall of the Museu Nacional, there is, to the left of the door to the restaurant, a work in bronze with a dark patina mounted on a base of Montjuïc stone. It is an allegorical representation of the city of Barcelona by the sculptor Eusebi…

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Author: Àlex Masalles

“Gothic”, the comic: The Making Of

The museum has jointly co-published with Norma Editorial the comic, Gothic, by the writer Jorge Carrión and the artist Sagar Fornies. In this they explore the Medieval Gothic Art collection of the Museu Nacional. Jorge Carrión explains the creative process of the publication. It’s difficult to change habits, above all if they have given you…

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Author: Z_ Guest blogger

200 articles published in the blog!

We have reached 200 articles published in the blog of the museum! That’s why we are producing a collection of the articles which have been followed with greater interest by our readers and we take advantage of this to ask you at the end about the topics you would like us to talk about in…

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Author: Redacció museu